Working in tandem

When clients partner with us, they tap into leading industry building expertise and gain access to an extensive database of designers, engineers, subcontractors, supply chain partners, manufacturers and leading industry relationships throughout Australia. We directly employ over 60 highly skilled building professionals across Victoria and South Australia.

Collaboration is a core philosophy and one which is integral to the culture we have created. We achieve exceptional outcomes via our solutions-based project approach. We believe it is critical that all parties and stakeholders have a clear and common appreciation of the objectives and how project deliverables will be achieved.

Contemporary workplace practices are the cornerstone of our relationships. This ensures that our staff are cognisant of how we operate and how we add value to our clients. As a result, 88%* of our referred and repeat business reflects our commitment to this approach.

"We are flexible when working with our clients and offer different project delivery models
to best suit your specific project.”

Who We Are



Our people have successfully delivered an impressive portfolio of projects. We have also been responsible for creating a vibrant organisation focused on contemporary company values, with the skillset and capabilities to always aim to exceed expectations. Our business is built around our people – our most valuable asset.

We have created a robust succession and talent management program, to develop our future leaders and ensure Tandem’s long-term sustainability.

At the commencement of every project our Leadership Team ensures they assemble the right team by matching skills, experience and personalities. As a collective, we aim to treat our staff fairly and equitably, making us an employer of choice.

We value a diverse workforce and our Leadership Team is always focused on motivating and developing our people. More importantly, they actively encourage employee feedback and suggestions for improving our organisation.

"We believe that working at Tandem should be a mutually rewarding and enjoyable experience.”