At Tandem, we are committed to contributing to our people and the communities in which we operate, now and for the future. We believe in doing business in a way that is fair, transparent and above all, safe and sustainable.

We take pride in ensuring that our staff continue to train and develop their skills through ongoing education programmes. As leaders in the industry, we see the importance of continually developing and investing in our people.

Our people are also key contributors outside of the Tandem world. Community support and participation is aligned to Tandem’s values and we seek to promote staff engagement via charities and non profit organisations.

Our team supports a broad range of causes, from volunteering at universities and sporting clubs, to supporting community groups and health-related charities. Our prime focus is promoting quality of life.

Tandem respects our environment and has developed several key initiatives, designed to meet our minimum reuse and recycle target for each project. Our Environmental Management System has been developed in accordance with AS/NZS 14001:2004 and underpins our systematic approach to reducing our impact on the environment.

A key driver of our Health and Safety fundamentals is the belief that everyone should return home safely every day - from our team, to our sub contractors and site visitors. Our focus is to ensure our workplace and sites are operated with a ‘Safety First’ ethos. We encourage all of our people to regularly reassess, report and identify areas of continual improvement.

As part of ensuring the safety of our people, we additionally provide assistance to help with the overall health and wellbeing of our team. This includes targeted campaigns around mental health, vaccinations and wellness programmes.