AMPM Travel Stop Glendambo

AMPM Travel Stop, Glendambo

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AMPM Travel Stop, Glendambo
Project: AMPM Travel Stop, Glendambo | Client: Agostino Group | Duration: 4 Months
We have had a long standing working relationship with the team at Tandem. Founded on trust, integrity and transparency, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on multiple construction projects over the years. Building strong teams together, we have a symbiotic relationship that allows for precise project planning and highly successful project roll-outs. With a ‘solutions’ based mindset and ‘safety first’ ethos, we will continue to work with the Tandem team into the future.
–Frank Agostino | Managing Director, Agostino Group

When it comes to the design and construct of service stations, Tandem brings extensive experience delivering a range of fuel stations, including rural locations. Our transparency with our clients builds trust and long-lasting relationships, upholding our core values of integrity and commitment.

Tandem Building Group was engaged by Agostino Group to design & construct an AMPM Travel Stop in Glendambo. Glendambo is a small town located on the Stuart Highway, 592kms north of Adelaide. Glendambo is 186km north of Port Augusta and 254kms from Coober Pedy, making it an essential stopping point for fuel and amenities for travellers.

This project required a strict project delivery programme to ensure the AMPM Travel Stop for the Agostino Group was completed in time for the 2022 Variety Bash. The Variety Bash is an annual 8 day driving event that takes place in the SA countryside to raise money for Variety SA, helping children in need. One of the stops in the 2022 Variety Bash was an overnight stay at Glendambo.

The project highlights include a new retail/dining space, commercial kitchen space, refrigeration, new amenities and associated services all delivered successfully whilst navigating the complexities and logistics of building great distances from a major town centre.