Wengfu Warehouse

Wengfu Warehouse

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Wengfu Australia
Project: Wengfu Warehouse, Port Adelaide | Client: Wengfu Australia | Duration: 6 months
It was an absolute privilege to work with the Tandem team for the build of our state-of-the-art bulk handling facility in Port Adelaide. Undertaking a project of this complexity and size during a pandemic had the potential to see all parties exposed to costly construction delays, however, the Tandem team were highly adaptable and agile and constantly innovated in build methodology to ensure the programme remained on target without sacrifices being made in build scope, quality, or functionality. The teams’ ability to communicate efficiently and effectively, deliver on undertakings made, and follow through on fine detail, enabled our partnership to quickly be underpinned by trust, openness, and transparency, ultimately culminating in a world class facility delivered on time and to a high finish. Wengfu Australia are proud to have partnered with Tandem on this facility, which has truly set a new benchmark in modern bulk handling, storage, and dispatch.
–Paul Radford | Operations Manager, Wengfu Australia

The Wengfu Australia warehouse in Port Adelaide was completed in early 2022. There were multiple supply setbacks involved, yet the project was completed ahead of schedule. The warehouse covers 15,000m2, comprising of bulk storage and weighbridge annex.

The project duration was 6 months from structural commencement to practical completion. It was delivered earlier than the contract completion date which is a significant achievement in these times.

Having reached practical completion in January, this fertiliser storage warehouse incorporates more than 20 kilometres of timber structural elements (purlins and girts), supporting the innovative design in response to the corrosive nature of the products stored, maximising the longevity of the facility.

Key features on this 29,000m2 site include 5 metre high perimeter and internal retaining to optimise efficiency of the site and deliver the storage volumes required, contributing to the 6,200m3 of concrete incorporated in the construction of the facility. In addition, an above ground control room and recessed wash bay were incorporated to support the operation of the twin weighbridges and conveyor systems.

Special thanks to our clients Straits Real Estate, Commercial & General, Jamie McClurg and our dedicated building team. Check out our LinkedIn for a time lapse of the project.