AMPM Service Station, Stirling SA

In Commercial by Claire Corcoran

Agostino Group
Project: AMPM Service Station, Stirling | Client: Agostino Group | Duration: 6 - 9 months
Founded on trust, integrity and transparency, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on multiple construction projects over the years. Building strong teams together, we have a symbiotic relationship that allows for precise project planning and highly successful project roll-outs. With a ‘solutions’ based mindset and ‘safety first’ ethos, we will continue to work with the Tandem team into the future.
–Frank Agostino | Managing Director - Agostino Group
The delivery of the bespoke Stirling integrated AMPM 24/7 service station is an excellent example of Tandem Building Group’s full spectrum approach and commitment to delivering end-to-end projects. It demonstrates the extensive skills at hand at Tandem, providing solutions for even the most challenging sites across different Council areas. Fuel stations require detailed design and comprehensive pre planning. Generally, there are arduous environmental considerations with existing sites to consider. The underground fuel storage tanks require significant focus and expertise. The layout of the sites, designed to allow the tanks to be accessed in the future, required Tandem to create the facilities, leveraging build methods to support the complex design, in order to ensure efficient and practical outcomes. The AMPM client shares a like-minded view to build quality and outcomes. The AMPM Stirling service station featured a Subway fast food offering, with Tandem delivering the kitchen fitouts to the franchise specifications and standards. The project objectives included design, construct and management for the delivery of state-of-the art 24/7 service stations and convenience outlets.