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Project: Curtis Road Retail Precinct | Client: Commercial & General | Duration: 8 months
Tandem were exceptional in the roll-out of this large master-planned project. This was a key project to support this region and Tandem successfully managed a wide range of stakeholder groups. Tandem’s ability to think one step ahead made sure the end to end project process ran smoothly, on time and within budget.
–Mark Pettman Director | Asset Management - Commercial & General
This retail precinct delivered by Tandem Building Group sits on a key gateway site to the State Government’s $1 billion Playford Alive project in Northern Adelaide. Therefore it had to meet varied requirements and objectives not usually seen with a site of this nature, including strict masterplanned design encumbrances as well as specific Council requirements. A minimum three-storey height requirement to the gateway was stipulated, which was achieved through a two storey design with parapet height to 10 metres. This pre-committed development was subsequently sold to investors by Commercial & General and is a strong example of how this model can be successfully implemented. Planning approval was achieved within one month in order to meet tight development timeframes. The site incorporates a health and wellbeing precinct, with a physiotherapist, fitness centre and dentist all on site as well as a key regional clinic for Benson Radiology. A KFC outlet is also part of the precinct. Whilst Tandem did not build this facility, it is one of the first in Australia to maintain a strict high-street façade to suit masterplan and Council requirements as well as strict KFC design guidelines.